When do I get my CT results and what do they mean?

You should receive a results letter from the UKLS trials team within four weeks of having your CT scan. There are three types of results that you could receive;

A normal result means no tumour or nodule was found. We expect that most people will receive a normal result. A normal result does not guarantee that you do not have or will never develop lung cancer in the future, so staying aware of any symptoms of lung cancer in the future is very important.

An unclear result means that your screening CT scan was not quite normal and further tests are needed. Getting an unclear result may not mean you have cancer, just that you will most likely need a follow-up CT scan. If you receive an unclear result you will be invited back to the hospital to have another CT scan. Most people will then receive a normal result.

An abnormal result means that the CT scan may have found signs of a cancerous nodule in your lungs. It is not a diagnosis of cancer, but it does mean that you will be offered a follow-up CT scan and other tests. Sometimes scans show other conditions that are not lung cancer but do require medical attention.  If this is the case, your GP will be informed and contact you to ensure the abnormality is dealt with appropriately.