What is the computed tomography (CT) scan?

If you are part of the screening group, you will have a CT scan of your lungs. This scan of the chest uses x-rays and a computer to produce pictures of the lungs (it’s also known as CAT scanning). During the CT scan you lie down on the scanner and hold your breath for a few seconds while pictures of your lungs are taken. Your appointment should take about 15-30 minutes. All of the CT scan pictures are stored in a computer and read by a radiologist. You will be told about the results of your scan by a clinical member of the UKLS team within four weeks of the scan.  If no abnormalities are found, you will not need any further tests but we will contact you to fill out questionnaires so that we can find out about your future health and how you felt about being screened.  If any important abnormalities are found you would be given an appointment to see a chest specialist at your local NHS hospital. The specialist may advise follow-up with another CT scan or other tests. If the lung specialist thinks you might have lung cancer, they will discuss treatment options with you. Your GP will be kept informed of your participation in the UKLS trial and of all scan results and any treatment recommendations, and will be able to discuss them with you.